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  • Step-by-step procedure to find the BEST factoring company.

  • POWERFUL CHECKLIST to judge any factoring company. 

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Meet Jerry Jose
Hi, I’m Jerry Jose. 

I’m the founder of, a resource for trucking business owners.

I am a logistics expert and has been working in the trucking industry since 2014. 

Though trucking is an excellent business in the US, I found that many struggle in it due to varied reasons. This made me come up with the concept of MaxTruckers, to help the hard working truckers who are the lifeline of the economy.

 We at MaxTruckers, are on a mission to help truckers to GROW their business and MAXIMIZE profits.

This e-Book and the CHECKLIST is the outcome of my experience in the industry and based on hundreds of feedback from truckers like you.

With this e-Book along with the POWERFUL CHECKLIST you can not go wrong in choosing the RIGHT factoring company for your business.

Thanks & Drive Safe!

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